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Principles II - ACCT 202 - Online - Session 4 - Summer '08

Principles II - ACCT 202 - Online - Session 4 - Summer '08...

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Principles of Accounting II – Online – Session 4 – Summer ‘08 Accounting 202-041 Dr. Charles L. Martin Jr., CPA [email protected] When you email me, please identify yourself as a student in ACCT 202 COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course examines the preparation and use of cost and other data for management planning, decision-making, and control. Emphasis is placed on the diverse context in which managers use accounting and other information. Topics covered include the behavior of costs; product costing in manufacturing, merchandising, and service settings; use of cost and other information in pricing and product emphasis decisions; cost allocation; and performance measurement of people and divisions. COURSE OBJECTIVE The objectives of the course are intended to enhance the Knowledge, Skills & Attitudes (KSAs) that are major components of a student’s education in the College of Business & Economics. These include: 1. To amplify students’ understanding of the concepts and procedures that are part of economic decision making. 2. To expand the student’s horizons in order to nurture the thought process necessary to make objective, competent, professional judgments and to hone the ability to communicate the process and results. 3. To continue to improve students’ critical thinking and problem solving skills. PREREQUISITE C or above grade in Accounting Principle I – ACCT201 COURSE WEBSITE* http://www.mhhe.com/brewer3e * Students are required to use their school email addresses in this course according to the security policy of TU computing service. TEXTBOOK AND MATERIALS Introduction to Managerial Accounting, 3rd edition, by Brewer, Garrison & Noreen with McGraw-Hill’s Homework Manager ; ISBN 0-07-327478-X. This package (text and homework manager) may only be purchased from the TU bookstore. TU Student Computer Account: CANS Help Desk in the basement of Cook Library. Homework Manager: If you do NOT have a registration code for Homework Manager, since a used text was probably purchased, you should go to the text web site (Online Learning Center) at http://www.mhhe.com/brewer3e and on the left side of the “Information Center Screen” click on “Register or Purchase Access” – under that caption is the link to the Homework Manager site. Then click on the link for, “I do not have a registration code.” Under
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the Product Description title and “McGraw Hill’s Homework Manager” for Introduction to Managerial Accounting , 3 rd edition by Brewer, click Continue and purchase a registration code online by paying $15. COURSE REQUIREMENTS A. Methods of Teaching : This is your pathway for doing well in this course! Always look for possible new information within the “Announcements Section” of BB. Read the chapter.
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Principles II - ACCT 202 - Online - Session 4 - Summer '08...

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