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Balch Hall Council Constitution

Balch Hall Council Constitution - 1 Balch Hall Government...

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1 02:07:44 Balch Hall Government CONSTITUTION Article I Name The name of this organization shall be the Balch Hall Council. Article II Purpose, Affiliation Section 1. Balch Hall Mission Statement: We, the womyn of Balch Hall, strive to build a safe space—a diverse, aware, and respectful, hate-free community to: A. Foster education and experiences leading to our enrichment, enlightenment, and empowerment. B. Enhance each womyn’s self-esteem by being proactive in promoting independent thought and individuality. Section 2. The purposes of the Balch Hall Council shall be to: A. Provide a forum for the residents to communicate and exchange ideas, as well as voice concerns. B. Represent the interests and concerns of residents to University decision-makers. C. Promote and foster a sense of community among residents. D. Provide programs and activities for residents, through which they may have the opportunity to grow and develop emotionally, physically, academically, and socially. E. Initiate and promote improvements to University Policies and Procedures concerning Housing and Student Life for the benefit and well being of residents. F. Have jurisdiction over all specific requests for space and money, but shall act in accordance with space use and budget policies developed by Balch members. Section 3. Balch Hall Council shall maintain an affiliation with the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and other associations as deemed appropriate or necessary by the Balch Hall Council. Article III Membership All residents of Balch Hall shall be accorded membership in the Balch Hall Council. There will be two categories of Balch membership: “In-House” and “Out-of-House.” Membership will be open to any interested person. Members may be residents (in-house) or non-residents (out-of-house). In-house members must be full-time, registered students at Cornell University, and must also apply for residency. Any current or former resident is welcome to resume membership at any time, provided space is available. Article IV Governing Board Section 1. Legislative and Executive power herein granted shall rest with a body known as the Governing Board. Section 2. The Governing Board shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, a Recording Secretary, a Treasurer, a Residence Hall Association Representative, a TP Editor, an Archivist/Publicist, a Resident Advisor Representative, a Sophomore Mentor Representative, a Womyn’s Center
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2 02:07:44 Representative, and ten Floor Representatives. The Programming Assistant (PA), and Residence Hall Director (RHD) will serve as advisors to the Council. Section 3. Meetings A. Governing Board meetings shall be held weekly when semester is regular and process dates at the start and end of each semester. All meetings will be held on Sundays in the Unit 1 lounge at 9pm.
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Balch Hall Council Constitution - 1 Balch Hall Government...

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