Notes 11.24 - o Charismatic-0&gt leader has...

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11/14 - Institutional Theory o Office structure is based on social norms about what it should be o Hard to deal with different approaches o Instuttional environment- share understanding o You have to conform o Max weber Wanted to understand bureaucracy Each division has its own set of responsibility Need levels of jobs Procedure Hame v. office preppy Get job based on resume o Craft form Autonomous No structure Workers share tools w/ home and work o Why? Compared organization in one society with another Bureaucracy larger governemtn, more economy, more ecuation, reational legal authority o Power v. authority Authority can be viewed differentely base on office literature
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- Weber- 3 types of authority o Traditional—acceptance that authority is from natural law, that way it’s the wy it is; based on birth social class, extent to authority clearly defined
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Unformatted text preview: o Charismatic-0-> leader has supernatural abilities which make them the learder, unstable authority because you must remain constantly; authority not confined o Rational legal authority- accept rules because they had though put into from can be changed, formal position gained because they posses certain qualities; only accepted in realm of authority-Organizations considered rational-Zucker experiment o Autokinetic effect o Three conditions With someone who had be practicing In and organization, show info In an organization with a person who has been practicing o Min org. setting, more likely to agree with confederate Part if held to estimates o More likely to conform in second condition-Institutionalization isomorphism adoption of policies may be based on norms...
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Notes 11.24 - o Charismatic-0&gt leader has...

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