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BRAINSTORM  I think that advertisers get us to by products by the name by using celebrities. They create commercials with  famous celebrities so that the consumers will follow. It’s like running shoes if the worlds fastest runner makes a  commercial advertising a specific pair of running shoes a lot of people who run would want to buy those shoes  because they think it is the best pair on the market. SURVEYS Survey are viewed how the surveyors want us to view it, the results can be misleading to the human eye by  simply overseeing the true facts, for example a small difference can look like a small unnoticeable difference or 
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Unformatted text preview: a obtuse difference. CORRELATIONS an original example that illustrates confusing correlation with causation is skinny and tall people. People think the taller you are the faster you will run. That isn’t true because I am tall and I can barely run. Just like me also being skinny just because I am skinny doesn’t mean I can run fast. TERRORISM The scientific method can be useful to help us understand the roots of terrorism by using our experience on what we dealt with already and forming a conjecture meaning we will try to state an explanation, then we can test our conjecture at the end with a control....
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