Compare the ancient cultures of Egypt

Compare the ancient cultures of Egypt - Compare the ancient...

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Compare the ancient cultures of Egypt, Mesopotamia, and India discussed in chapters 1-3. What are the similarities? The differences? Focus on religion, social structures, and art. What aspects of these ancient cultures still impact or are a part of society today? Why do we still study these cultures today? Choose one piece of art for each culture and discuss how you feel it exemplifies each culture best. *Be sure to use "Create Message" when posting your initial posting. Use reply only when replying to others' postings. By comparing the ancient cultures of Egypt, Mesopotamia and India in chapters one through three, I realized that all of those cultures have many differences and some similarities. To start off with similarities, the most interesting similarities were how both China and Egypt buried their rulers with many good such as jades, gold, silver and bronze objects. Even in today’s society some people still go out of their way beyond and above to bury their loved ones. Most of my family when buried are with all of
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