The olympic web exporlation

The olympic web exporlation - The Four-part Web Exploration...

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The Four-part Web Exploration 1. The Olympic Games were covered in this units reading assignment and I definitely found interest in this topic. The Olympic Games interested me not only because it has a unique background but because I am also in the military and we are also really big on sports. What I knew before reading about the Olympic Games were that you had to be highly qualified and trained before you can enter in the tournament, I didn’t know much on the background of how it originated I remember watching the Olympics’ on TV with my dad when I was younger that was about it, also that they it was very competitive. 2. Using the textbook The Humanistic Tradition: Book One in Chapter Four Pages 81-83 the author Gloria K. Fiero talks about the Olympic Games and what how much the Olympic Games meant to the Greece civilization. The Fiero mentions that the Olympic Games were so significant that the games became the basis for the reckoning of the time. The games took place every four years during mid summer and they were so important that they were held even during war time. My opinion is I think the games were as important the Greeks as Voting is important to Americans. The Olympic Games were one of the ways that the Greeks would honor their god. What I would like to know more about this topic would be how
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The olympic web exporlation - The Four-part Web Exploration...

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