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Multiple choice: For each question, indicate the single best answer: A. Voltage-gated calcium channel B. cGMP-gated sodium channel C. Voltage-gated sodium channel D. Voltage-gated potassium channel E. GABA receptor 1. ____ d ____ Opening this channel hyperpolarizes (i.e., makes the potential more negative) the cell 2. ____ b ____ Is the first channel in the visual transduction cascade whose activity is light- regulated 3. ____ a ____ Opening this channel directly triggers neurotransmitter release 4. ____ c ____ Opening this channel triggers an action potential 5. ____ d ____ In an axon, opens with delayed kinetics (i.e., is a “delayed rectifier”) 6. ____ e ____ Opening this channel is a direct cause of inhibitory postsynaptic potentials 7. ____ a ____ Functions postsynaptically at the skeletal muscle neuromuscular junction 8. ____ c ____ The voltage threshold for this channel determines whether an axon fires an action potential 9. ____ a ____ In a neuron without action potentials (for example, a photoreceptor neuron), its voltage threshold determines whether it releases neurotransmitter 10. ___ e ____ Is an anion channel Choose the best answer. A. Antidiuretic hormone B. Glucagon C. Insulin D. Melatonin E. Aldosterone
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11. ___ a ____ Is released from the posterior pituitary gland 12. ___ b ____ Raises blood glucose levels 13. ___ a ____ Acts on the collecting duct of the kidney to increase the osmolarity of urine 14. ___ d ____ Affects circadian rhythms 15. ___ e ____ Acts on the distal tubule of the kidney to increase water and salt reabsorption 16. ___ c ____ Decreases blood glucose levels
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Midterm1_05Answers - Multiple choice For each question...

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