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Physics 217/AEP 217 — Electricity and Magnetism Spring 2005 Problem Set #11 Due Friday May 6, 2005 Reading: Purcell, Chapter 11, Chapter 5-6, special relativity sections Note: Lab III runs during the last week of classes. Please review series LCR circuits (Chapter 8) in preparation for these exercises. Required problems:
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 1: Purcell 11.4 Problem 2: Purcell, 11.11 Problem 3: Purcell 5.1 Problems listed below are for extra credit: do not need to be handed in since we will be covering this material later in the week. Solutions for these problems will be posted. Problem 4: Purcell 5.2 Problem 5: Purcell 5.6 Problem 6: Purcell 5.13...
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