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do3 - Lab bio 382 In the Lab I sampled two areas the inside...

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Lab bio 382 In the Lab I sampled two areas the inside of both a public and my dorm room garbage can in order to see what organisms were present. We then rubbed the cotton swaps on to a Petri dish and allowed the organisms to grow at room temp for about a week. The following week we took a look at our Petri dishes and were told to macroscopically examine the organisms and then draw what we saw in the diagrams. After we finished that we need to take a look at the organisms microscopically and identify what organism we saw. If you suspected it was a fungus a completely different task that was need to be preformed in order to see the organism correctly. You usually would take the slide place the organism on it drop a drop of water on the organism wait for it to dry on the hotplate and then stain it. Since I suspected that I had some sort of fungus on my Petri dish I just took a piece of organism off with a tooth pick and place a drop of water on it covered it with the cover slip and placed under the microscope. In my Petri dish I found two different kinds of fungi I
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