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religious groups and gender groups <<<4 types of minority groups -women suffer from double jeopardy because they belong to two separate minorities- racial or ethnic plus gender biological race- mistaken notion of a genetically isolated human group 1950 UNESCO Statement that race is a social myth not a biological phenomenon racism- doctrine that one race is superior racial formation- sociohistorical process which racial categories are created and destroyed sociology- systematic study of social behavior and human groups stratification- structured ranking of entire groups of pple that perpetuates unequal rewards and power in a society class- people who share similar levels of wealth
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Unformatted text preview: functionalist perspective- sociological approach emphasizing how parts contribute to the survial of the whole dysfunction- elements of a society that disrupt a social system or decrease its stability conflict perspective- assumes that the social structure is best understood in terms of conflict or tension between competing goods blaming the victim- portraying the problems of racial and ethnic minorities as their fault rather than recognizing societies responsibilities labeling theory- introduced by Howard Becker that attempts to explain why certain people are viewed as deviants and others engaging in the same behavior are not (ie story of rednecks and roughers)...
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