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stereotype- unreliable generalizations about all members of a group that don’t take individual differences into account self fulfilling prophecy- person or group described as having particular characteristics begins to display the traits attributed to him or her globalization- refers to the worldwide integration of government policies, cultures, social movements and financial markets through trade, movements of people and exchange of ideas colonialism- foreign power’s maintencance of political, social economic and cultural dominance over people for an extended period annexation- when it occurs, the dominant power generally suppresses the language and culture of the minority world systems theory- views the global economic system as divided between nations that control wealth and those that provide natural resources and labor internal colonialism- treatment of the subordinate group by those in power ethnic cleansing- eliminate muslims from parts of bosnia (had to do with muslims)
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Unformatted text preview: expulsion- forcing a specific subordinate group to leave areas segregation- physical separation of 2 groups fusion- occurs when a minority and majority group combine to form a new separate group with characteristics of the initial group amalgamation- process by which dominant group and subordinate group combine through intermarriage to form a new group pluralism- implies that various groups in a society have mutual respect for one another;s culture, a respect that allows minorities to express their own culture without suffering prejudice or hostility (keeping own boundries) bilingualism- use of two or more languages in places of work or education with each language as being treated as equally legitimate panethnicity- development of solidarity between ethnic subgroups, marginality- being 2 cultures, jewish mother, christain father afrocentric prospective- emphasizes customs of African culures...
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