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law and ethics - Running Head LAWS AND ETHICS 1 Law and...

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Running Head: LAWS AND ETHICS Law and Ethics Zeinab Bazzi Baker College 1
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LAW AND ETHICS Law and Ethics In my opinion, the primary difference between law and ethics is their degree of moral affinity to natural and social norms. Ethics is essentially about how nature and society expect us to behave. Law on the other hand is the codified version of ethics. Since ethics is the guiding principle of law, it is therefore a direct expression of natural and social norms. In legalistic terms, their primary difference lies in the manner by which they are implemented and enforced. Law is sanctioned by punishment, ethics is not. One legal issue faced by Yahoo is its uphill legal battle with the federal government. The federal government wants Yahoo fined for failing to comply with the National Security Agency’s request for classified customer data. NSA wants access to some of these classified data because most of these data could somehow impact the country’s domestic security infrastructure.
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