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Class Notes BCIS3610

Class Notes BCIS3610 - system Normalization we went through...

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Chapter 3 & 4 Notes- BCIS 3610 Free flow of information; it is change the way the market is played; the Internet has changed the way we live Insiders information/trade is illegal = Martha Stuart Porter’s Five Forces Suppliers Use bargaining power of suppliers New vendors Threat of new entrants Rivalry Customers Bargaining power of customers Substitute vendors Threat of substitutions Value Chain Gains value through the process. 36 questions from IS 12 questions from Project general concepts problems SQL Chapter 6 More technical the role of telecommunication is increasing day by day. Database design technique- Cardinality- (one to one) (one to many) connections in a database system A quarry takes all of the files you are using and it multiplies it. Student * records * course * instructor = total quarries (relational
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Unformatted text preview: system) Normalization- we went through step by step process to ensure that each table has information about one thing (only student) Wal-Mart is know for interorganization to come into their system ::: “self service checkout” What is morre’s law? Inventires, resources are examples of what? Facilities Porter’s five competitive questions…. Wal-Mart’s is an example of what powerful buyer… Ch4: All of the following are operating systems except: Ch 5: The names of field, data type, number of charcters: In a database stores the name of (called metadata) SQL is common database quary language Ch 6: Optical fiber cable bring the fastest data line. Project questions:...
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Class Notes BCIS3610 - system Normalization we went through...

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