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Chapter 2- Business Processes, Information, and Information Systems How did this stuff get here? What is a business process? Business process- a network of actives, resources, facilities, and information that interact to achiever some business function Business systems- a business process is a system What are the components of a business process? Activities- transform resources and information of one type into resources and information of another type Resources- items of value Facilities- structures used within the business process; Inventories and databases What is information? Information - knowledge derived from data, where data is defined as recorded facts or figures Information is data presented in a meaningful context Information is processed data by summing, ordering, averaging, grouping, comparing or other similar operations Difference that makes a differences
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Unformatted text preview: CHARCTERISTICS OF GOOD INFORMATION Accurate Timely Relevant Just barely sufficient Worth its cost What is the role of information in business processes? How do information systems support business process? WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO AUTOMATE A PROCESS ACTIVITY? Automated system- work formerly done by people following procedures has been moved so that computer now do that work by following instructions in software Manual system- used when processing the exceptions is complicated Components of a system : Hardware Software Data Procedures People Egocentric thinking- centers on the self; “the real view”, “what really is” Empathic thinking- considers their views as one possible interpretation of the situation and actively work to learn what other people are thinking...
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