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Imperial Wars for Empire - Imperial Wars for Empire...

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Imperial Wars for Empire Iroquois Indians Fort Duquesne General Edward braddock William pitt Treaty of paris, 1763 Pontiac’s rebellion Paxton boys 1) Indians a) By 1720 the 6 Nations have about 2k warriors and total pop of ~10k b) But, French have a pop of 15k and British have a pop of 250k i) British are compacted ii) French are dispersed throughout Canada c) Iroquois are in geographically strategic location i) French have to go through Iroquois territory to get to British ii) British have to go thru territory to get to French iii) Before you can travel through the territory, must be a friend d) Need Indians for protection and security and help i) Indians will tell the friend that the enemy is getting ready ii) Slow down invading party e) Need Indians to be your friend i) Give them diplomatic presents (free stuff) ii) Tools, alcohol, weapons, clothes f) French defend their land by building forts everywhere on their borders i) Fur trading posts ii) Have to be friends w/ Indians to sustain the fur trade iii) Small pop but enormous territory g) English have 1.5M people by 1750 so they just begin moving west i) Need land for crops ii) Don’t need to make friends w/ Indians they’re only in the way h) By 1750 Indians decide the British are a far greater threat i) Only want land ii) Arrogant and not nice to them iii) British remake the landscape w/ houses, streets, etc., iv) British have 1 advantage = able to provide better manufactured goods at a cheaper price. Significant trade advantage v) French are fewer and they’re nicer (1) Their environment stays the same (2) Only build the fort. (3) Easier to get rid of French if the Indians wanted to (4) 1 problem – come to the St. Lawrence w/ goods but in winter it freezes so you can’t get your goods to the Indians 2) Seven Years War a) By 1750s British begin to go over the Appalachian Mountains and bring traders/farmers i) Tensions increase between British and French in “Ohio Country” ii) British and French both claim the Ohio Country as more and more British move in
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b) 1754 – French Est. Fort Duquesne i) Keep out the British ii) Virginia is interested in Ohio Country iii) Gov. of Virginia is Robert Dinwiddie who is a land speculator (1) Find potential territory claim it and sell it (2) Does not like French building the fort
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