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The Jeffersonians Take Control

The Jeffersonians Take Control - 6/19 The Jeffersonians...

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6/19 The Jeffersonians Take Control Alien and Sedition Act, 1798 Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions, 1798 Nullification Louisiana Purchase, 1803 Embargo Act, 1807 Hartford Convention, 1814 Battle of Horseshoe Bend, 1814 I. Political Crisis Deepens a. George Washington 1788,1792 – serves 2 towns i. 1796 – announces he’s done with presidency which opens door for VP – John Adams and Thomas Jefferson b. John Adams – Federalist from Massachusetts c. 1790s – international problems, outbreak of war in Europe: England vs. France i. French have own revolution ii. Federalists support British d. Thomas Jefferson – leader of opposition i. Support Constitution but their perspective -> weak federal government, power to states ii. Support French e. 1796 electoral college i. John Adams – Federalist- 71 votes -> President ii. Thomas Jefferson – Jeffersonian – 68 votes -> VP f. John Adams early years as president worries people i. Becomes more anti-French and worried about Jefferson’s popularity ii. Decides to attempt to silence threat/opposition iii. Realizes French influence in Jeffersonian opposition – incoming French immigrants to Jefferson 1. 1798 – Adams tries to crush opposition a. summer – Federalists (President/Congress) pass Alien and Sedition Acts b. Alien Act i. Increases residency requirement (before – only have to live 5 years in US to become citizen, able to vote) changes to 14 years to become US citizen ii. Alien enemies act – President authority can fine/imprison/banish people of enemy of country, say anything negative about government/policies -> applies only to immigrants, especially French c. Sedition Acts
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i. Applies to US citizens ii. Could be fined/imprisoned if show any signs (written, riots) of negative thought against government, policies, and people d. Violation of civil liberties i. Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions November 1798 – drafted opposition of act ii. Virginia Resolution – 1798 drafted by James Madison iii. Kentucky Resolution – 1798 drafted by Thomas Jefferson iv. Both say federal law clearly violates
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