Ch. 7 Development across the lifespan

Ch. 7 Development across the lifespan - Psychology Notes...

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Journal Note 1 FYS Fall 2007 Professor Kimmel "The Religious" The point of using "religious", rather than "religion" is to indicate a distinction between being and having , the former being primary, more fundamental. The import of this distinction is to recommend taking an interest in how someone is , rather than some thing they have . The point I wish to stress is that one may " have a religion" (which includes affiliation) without being religious (mode of existence). It is the latter which is philosophically not just socially significant. It is only in examining the spiritual life of a person that we are likely to get at the essential nature of the human activity, perspective, or form of life which is called "religious". So what does this involve (entail), "being religious?" What are the ways of being that we call "religious"? Or is there only one way? We are familiar enough with religious persecution and religious wars which arise from the belligerence of exclusive ways and preclusive Gods. That there exist so many religious cultures and peoples, and so many historical names for the gods recommends an open consideration of the many ways of religious expression and devotion. We are also aware that bias/ prejudice/ bigotry/ and discrimination often appropriately characterizes the militant pronouncements of narrow presumption of the unique worthiness of one's own gods and values, which in turn leads to historical disruptions of persecution and war. Even so, we learn values as we learn our natural language (through the learning
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Ch. 7 Development across the lifespan - Psychology Notes...

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