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Final Lectures - o Spencer loved Darwin’s ideas and tried...

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Ideology o Cultural beliefs that justify particular social arrangements, including patterns of inequality. o “It can’t be wrong. It works for me.” Patterns of Ideology o Caste systems- Have lifelong membership to particular categories. o There is no social mobility. o So the ideology is that the poor will always be with us. o Class systems- Have social mobility. So the ideology is that poor people are in the lowest category because they are personally undeserving. Social Darwinism or Biological Spencerism? o Herbert Spencer (1820-1903) coined the phrase “survival of the fittest.”
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Unformatted text preview: o Spencer loved Darwin’s ideas and tried to apply them to social life in industrial England. o The “fittest” became wealthy. The failures were in destitution. o Rockefeller loved this. Davis-Moore Thesis o Social stratification is necessary to induce talented individuals to prepare themselves for important tasks o Structural Functionalism *** o Some people are more talented than others. o Some jobs are more important than others. o We need people that are capable to do important jobs to do those jobs, not those who are incapable....
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