Sociology Exam 2 Notes

Sociology Exam 2 Notes - Sociology Exam 2 Notes Derek...

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Unformatted text preview: Sociology Exam 2 Notes Derek Cullum Subculture Theories o School of Thought o It is closely related to the Chicago Theory. o In fact it has taken some of its characteristics straight from that theory. o Cohens Subculture of Delinquency o Researches where and how these subcultures come from. o Integrated Shaw and McKays, Sutherlands, and Mertons Theories in his book. o He finds that the lower class boys were more likely to engage in delinquent activities. o The most common form of delinquency was gangs. Groups of boys getting together and engaging in deviant behavior. o Gangs subcultures are characterized by 3 types of behaviors Non-utilitarian Youre not doing it for a particular purpose. It makes you feel good or there is another alternative goal. Malicious Negativistic Cohen saw that there was no rationale for stealing other than gaining status in the group. They engaged in it simply for the delight of making other people uncomfortable. Defy middle-class standards. They dont want to conform to society. o They found that these gangs were engaged in 3 types of specific activities: Versatility Theres no one special kind of delinquency they are engaged in. They are engaged in various delinquent acts. Theres versatility among these lower class boys. Short-run Hedonism They are engaged in these acts that are mainly for the purpose of immediate gratification Do it for the now and present and not for any future goal. Group Autonomy Gangs are hostile to outsiders. Group autonomy is a key goal in these gangs. o These juveniles are engaged in these acts as a way of attaining status. o In U.S. Society status is closely tied to middle-class norms. Money, Wealth, Success, Power If societys goals are closely tied to those then this means that these juveniles were not able to attain these norms. He called this status frustration . Because of your lower class status you experience status frustration which causes juveniles to rebel. Because of this they engaged in various types of adaptation to achieve this status scenario. They established new norms. o These norms are achievable based on the resources available to them. o These new norms are based on meritorious achievements based on things they do possess or are capable of achieving. Status in these groups is achieved through: o Toughness o Smartness o Cunning o Things that they are capable of doing. o The more a frustrated lower-class youth interacts with those in the delinquent subculture, the greater is the likelihood the youth will take up the definitions and behaviors of the subculture....
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Sociology Exam 2 Notes - Sociology Exam 2 Notes Derek...

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