Theories - Emile Durkheim- SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE society...

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Emile Durkheim- SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE society shapes behaviors and chances, social forces, deviance is inevitable, structural conditions, anomie and low self esteem C. Wright Mills- SOCIOLOGICAL IMAGINATION social structure, horizontal: social and physical influences, vertical: social inequality, social structure is rooted in "private troubles" Pete Berger- DEBUNKING MOTIF research exposes false claims, study what is unrespectable, things aren't always as they seem Edwin Sutherland- DIFFERENTIAL ASSOCIATION THEORY white collar crime, how and why crime causing conditions influence criminality Chicago Sociologists (includes Sutherland)- SOCIAL DISORGANIZATION blamed crime on breakdowns of social bonds, examples: high divorce rates, dilapidated housing Robert K. Merton- ANOMIE STRAIN THEORY not sure but in my notes i have relative deprivation as well? attributed deviance to the poor's inability to achieve economic success, macro theory, focused on social relationships Marx- CONFLICT THEORY lack of power= more deviant, class struggles James Wilson and Kelling: BROKEN WINDOWS THEORY window thing we talked about in class the one broken window demonstrated a community didn't care and imperfections like that were indicators of a crime area, before
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Theories - Emile Durkheim- SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE society...

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