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Criminology Notes - Criminology Crime and Deviance o Are...

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Criminology Crime and Deviance o Are all behaviors banned by law harmful? o No. o Public Nudity. o Computers Spamming Laws o o We all commit deviant acts in our lifetime under such a broad definition of deviance. o What is considered deviant changes through time and space? Laws o “Ignorance of the law excuses no man: Not that all men know the law, but because ‘tis an excuse every man will plead, and no man can tell how to refute him.” o John Seldon, statesman (1584-1654) o It means that everyone is required as a citizen to know their own law. o If ignorance can be used as a successful defense then everyone would use it. o How can you prove that a person knew or didn’t know a law? Creation of Laws o Consensus- laws are established based on the consensus of the people/society. o Everyone has a say in what the law should be and what is right and wrong. o Conflict- laws are created by the powerful and help keep them in power. o The norms of society are the ideas of the capitalist group. o Generally, these laws are used as a way to keep the powerless from rebelling against the system. o Looking at the prison population it is generally made up of Black, male, unmarried, uneducated people usually under the age of 34. This is seen by conflict theorists as a group that the law is trying to keep oppressed. Goals of Criminal Law o Safeguard the public o Clarify and express societies moral values o Protect citizens from governmental abuse o The law, generally, is not really one sided. Overview of Criminal Law o Mala in Se o Crimes that violate traditional norms and moral codes. Property rights or violent crimes. These acts are considered crimes because they are wrong, immoral, or evil in themselves.
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o Mala Prohibita o Crimes that violate standards Illegal drug use and white collar crimes. o These laws may violate people’s personal rights but they are not harmful. o Felony o Any crime in which you can be sent to state prison for a year or more. o Misdemeanors o Crimes punishable by less than a year in jail, usually county jail. o Actus Reus o The actual criminal act of the defendant. o Mens Rea o Criminal Intent o Mens Rea becomes an issue usually in murder and death cases. Research in Criminology o Surveys o Questionnaire administered to select population. o Phone surveys are more popular because they are cheaper. o The main issue is that it limits the respondents answer. Income 40-50 thousand 60-70 thousand. It forces you to answer yes or no or always or never. Self reporting is bias and some people may not want to self incriminate when being asked about crimes. Issues with the richness of data. Inability of the surveyor to ask additional questions. Leads to bias interpretation by the researcher.
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Criminology Notes - Criminology Crime and Deviance o Are...

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