midtermonespring2005 - Economics 302 First Midterm Spring...

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First Midterm Spring 2005 February 28, 2005 INSTRUCTIONS: You will be given two bluebooks for this exam. In using the bluebooks WRITE ONLY on the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the page. 1. Put your name, UW ID number, and discussion section on each of the two bluebooks . 2. Write “ Short Answers ” on the cover of one bluebook. 3. In this bluebook, answer the four Identification Questions . 4. In this same bluebook, also answer the four Short Response Questions . 5. Write “ Essays and Problem ” on the cover of the second bluebook. 6. In this second bluebook, answer two Essay Questions . 7. Also in this second bluebook, answer the Problem . DISCUSSION SECTIONS: Richard Dunn Section Day Time Location 319 Thursday 1:20 58 Bascom 318 Thursday 3:30 6116 Social Sciences 315 Friday 8:50 6322 Social Sciences 316 Friday 12:05 4322 Social Sciences 317 Friday 1:20 6322 Social Sciences Micah Hughes Section Day Time Location 301 Thursday 8:50 55 Bascom 302 Thursday 11:00 58 Bascom 303 Friday 11:00 123 Ingraham 304 Thursday 3:30 6322 Social Science 305 Friday 9:55 374 Van Hise Regrade Policy : After the return of graded exams there will be a one week period in which students may request a regrade of a particular question. If such a request is made, the ENTIRE question will be subject to review and potential grade revision. During the
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midtermonespring2005 - Economics 302 First Midterm Spring...

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