homework2summer2007 - Economics 302 Summer 2007 Homework #2...

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Summer 2007 Homework #2 Homework will be graded for content as well as neatness. Sloppy or illegible work will not receive full credit. This homework requires the use of Excel which is a spreadsheet program. In your calculations, please round to the two places past the decimal wherever necessary. 1. Suppose that the production function for an economy is given by Y = F(K, L) = AK 1/2 L 1/2 Where Y is output, A is the level of technology, K is capital and L is labor. a. Suppose that A has a value of 10, K has a value of 50, while L varies from 0 to 25 units. Using Excel prepare a spreadsheet showing the possible combinations of labor, capital, technology and output that are possible for this economy. Your table should include a column for labor, a column for capital, and a column for output. I have included a sample of what the table should look like below. Technology Labor Capital Output b. Now, use the data you generated in part (a) to draw the aggregate production function where you will illustrate the relationship between aggregate output on the vertical axis and labor on the horizontal axis. This graph will hold technology and capital constant. Execute this graph using Excel. c. Now, suppose that this economy experiences a technological advance. A, the measure of technology, now has a value of 12. Redo your calculations from part (a) and with your new data, plot both the initial aggregate production function (where A = 10) and the new aggregate production function (where A’ = 12). d. Now, this economy finds that the value of A is 12, but that its level of capital has increased from 50 units to 60 units. Redo your calculations and generate a new graph illustrating two different production functions: one with A’ = 12 and capital equal to 50 units; and the other with A’ = 12 and capital equal to 60 units. Use Excel to do this work. 1
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homework2summer2007 - Economics 302 Summer 2007 Homework #2...

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