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California’s Top Agriculture Commodity Export California grows most of the fresh market and processed strawberries, and they are the fourth highest consumed fruit, California exports to the U.S and other countries. However, there are factors that affect the cash value of the crop produced each year. The U.S. is the world’s largest producer and has been since the 1990’s (Economic Research Service, 2005). California has many agricultural commodities that are imported and exported each year. The cash value of these crops can be beneficial or harmful to the U.S economy. Being grown on an annual basis on about 22,000 to 25,000 acres per year in California’s ideal climate, the production of strawberries occurs mainly in the Central Coast and Santa Maria Valley, which is nearly (“two-thirds of the total strawberry production acreage”) but also in other regions such as the Central Valley. The productivity per acre is about four times higher in California than in other states. The “suitable growing environment” and the “annual planting system and development of new varieties that better [adapts] to the cultural planting systems,” has led to a high
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cropprofiles - California's Top Agriculture Commodity...

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