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Zoo 470 — January 26, 2008 Recommended Review Material- Campbell and Reece, Biology , 7e The Central Dogma (Genes to Proteins) Chapter 5 pp. 77-89 (Proteins and Nucleic Acids) Chapter 17 pp. 311-319, 328-330, Figure 17.26 (From Gene to Protein) Chapter 19 pp. 362-370 (The Control of Gene Expression) Molecular Biology Chapter 20 pp. 384-400 (DNA Technology) The Cell Chapter 6 pp. 94-121 (An Overview of the Cell) Chapter 7 Figure 7.7 (Membrane Structure and Function) Chapter 11 pp. 201-215 (Cell Communication)
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Unformatted text preview: [Chapter 43 pp. 912-913 (Antibody Structure)] (useful, but not necessary, for understanding immunostaining) Mitosis & Meiosis Chapter 12 pp. 218-226, 228-230 (Mitosis & Cytokinesis) Chapter 13 pp. 240-247 (Meiosis and Sexual Life Cycles) Chapter 46 pp. 969-978 (Spermatogenesis, Oogenesis and Hormones; we will review some of this) Overview of Development [redundant with reading from Gilbert] Chapter 21, pp. 411--432 Genetics of Development Chapter 47 pp. 987-1008 Animal Development...
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