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Zoo 470 – 2008 – Problem Set #2 Page 1 Problem Set #2 – Ascidian Development Zoology 470 – Spring 2008 20 Points Total 1. You perform classic embryology experiments on the newly discovered species to study the role of the red crescent. You believe it is both necessary and sufficient for muscle differentiation, because you believe it contains localized determinants. a. Describe one experiment you could perform to demonstrate that the red crescent is sufficient for muscle differentiation in the new species. In your answer, be sure to clearly state the expected outcome in terms of differentiated cell type(s), based on what is known in other species. ( 4 points ) One approach is to redistribute the red crescent material to cells that normally don't receive it, ala Fig. 3.10 in Gilbert. If cells that now have red crescent material are isolated and produce cells that differentiate as muscle, then red crescent material is sufficient to confer muscle- forming ability. [Other options for moving the red crescent around include sucking some out and injecting into another cells, etc.). Muscle formation must be assayed in this experiment, using a microscope, some morphological assay, or something like acetylcholinesterase expression (see Fig. 3.9). Note : isolation is not a necessary part of this experiment (but is if you want to show autonomous specification, as in question 2!). b. In other species, the yellow crescent forms via
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ps2_2008_key - Zoo 470 2008 Problem Set #2 Page 1 Problem...

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