Hao et al 2006 found that the decrease in phospho

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Unformatted text preview: ode? (2 points) Type of secreted protein: Wnts b. Hao et al (2006) found that the decrease in phospho--catenin caused an increase in transcription of a gene that encodes a transcription factor implicated in transducing LIF signals. What is this transcription factor? (2 points) Transcription factor: Stat3 c. Bonus question: The same transcription factor referred to in part c is known to affect cell migration events. Name a migration event in a non-human vertebrate that is regulated by this factor. (1 point) Cell migration event: Stat3 is known to control migration of cells during zebrafish gastrulation (see Fig. 11.11 of Gilbert) [if a citation is given for some other migratory event, this is acceptable]...
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