Reasonable answers based on this assumption will be

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Unformatted text preview: ction below. Reasonable answers based on this assumption will be accepted.] Expected outcome if Nanog expression depends on Oct-4 function: If Nanog expression requires oct-4 function, Nanog levels should be low/nonexistent Zoo 470 2008 Problem Set #3 Name:________________________________ Student Number:__________________ Page 3 3. Ali Hemati-Brivanlou and colleagues at Rockefeller University showed in 2004 that a pharmacological inhibitor of GSK-3 called BIO can induce human ES cells to maintain pluripotency in the absence of conditioned medium produced by mouse "feeder cells". a. Based on what you know, name at least three proteins that you expect to be in the nuclei of human ES cells treated with BIO. One of the three proteins you list should be a protein whose nuclear levels are known to be affected by inhibition GSK-3 activity (3 points) Protein 1 -catenin Protein 2: Nanog Protein 3: oct-4 [also accepted: Tcf/Lef. Stat3. Note: -catenin or Tcf need to be part of the answer] b. Brivanlou and colleagues deduced that the pathway affected by GSK-3 was involved in maintenance of pluripotency by comparing the expression of many thousands of genes in undifferentiated (pluripotent)...
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