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1 ECE 700 Digital Signal Processing Home Work 6 Due 3/18/09 MATLAB Exercises 1. ( Wavekit ) Please install Wavekit on your computer and make sure that the test,m script in the home directory of the installation can be completed without any messages. 2. (DWT) Available on Carmen are two data files, data1.mat and data2.mat . Both are sampled at 50 Hz and are the same data sets that you used in HW5. Analyze the data in these two datasets using three different wavelets: Haar , Daubechies (8) and Coiflet (30) . a) Use the dilation and waveletd functions to obtain the scaling function and wavelet for each of these wavelets. Plot and compare the scaling function, wavelet and their magnitude CTFT for the three cases. b) Use the Wavekit functions wavecoef , and fwt1 to obtain the wavelet transform of data1 and data2. Note that the length of the datasets is not a power of 2. Since fwt1 requires the input length to be a power of 2, zeropad the data as needed. The showmsa
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