log 9 - with and the content that web page users were...

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Michelle Abbott 810803787 BCOR-1010-113 The advertising search engine Google has gotten in some hot water with its web site Orkut, which is a social-networking site in Brazil, allowing people to exchange information and create personal Web pages. When Google tried to put ads on Orkut’s website, they ran into trouble. When critics in Brazil released a show on advertisements, they showed Orkut alongside pictures of naked children and abused animals. Google was soon suspended for the ads, and is facing charges for refusing to turn Orkut users’ data over to the police. Google acknowledged the fact that the company made mistakes by not devoting enough resources to understanding a culture and country where its site had become popular. For advertisers, the Orkut incident helped reinforce concerns that social networks are an unreliable advertising strategy. Google’s conduct with not paying enough attention as to what it was advertising
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Unformatted text preview: with, and the content that web page users were putting on their sites shows that they weren’t doing a good job with their company. Even though they were trying to increase their profits, the situation that they were put in was because of their carelessness and inability to know what is going on within their web site. Such scandals such as this threaten the ability of Internet companies to profit from social-networking Web sites, and Google now has to rethink their approach in bringing consumers this feature. I believe that Google should have been more aware of what type of Web sites they were creating, and what kind of content could be put on them. These Web sites represent their company in a way, and these types of situations do not benefit their company in any way. Regalado, Anotnio and Delaney, Kevin J. (2007 October 17). Google Under Fire Over a Controversial Site. Wall Street Journal. Pp A1, A20...
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log 9 - with and the content that web page users were...

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