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Economics 102 Student Name : 2/23/2006 Section # : First Midterm TA Name : Version 1 DO NOT BEGIN WORKING UNTIL THE INSTRUCTOR TELLS YOU TO DO SO. READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST. You have 50 minutes to complete the exam. The exam consists of 9 binary choice and 20 multiple choice questions. Each binary choice question is worth 2 points and each multiple choice question is worth 4 points for a total of 98 points. You will get 2 points for providing your name, student ID number, number of the discussion section you’ve been attending and version number correctly. Please answer all questions on the scantron sheet with a #2 pencil. No cell phones, calculators, or formula sheets are allowed. PICK THE BEST ANSWER FOR EACH QUESTION. How to fill in the scantron sheet: 1. Print your last name, first name, and middle initial in the spaces marked "Last Name," "First Name," -, and "MI." Fill in the corresponding bubbles below. 2. Print your student ID number in the space marked "Identification Number." Fill in the bubbles. 3. Write the number of the discussion section you’ve been attending under "Special Codes" spaces ABC, and fill in the bubbles. You can find the discussion numbers below on this page. 4. Write the version number of your exam booklet under "Special Codes" space D, and fill in the bubble. The version number is on the top of this page. 5. If there is an error on the exam or you do not understand something, make a note on your exam booklet and the issue will be addressed AFTER the examination is complete. No questions regarding the exam can be addressed while the exam is being administered. 6. When you are finished, please get up quietly and bring your scantron sheet and this exam booklet to the place indicated by the instructors. Discussion sections are as follows: Hugette Sun 302 : 3:30p W 6224 SOC SCI 307 : 2:25p W 6224 SOC SCI Kyu-Chul Jung 303 : 12:05p W 6310 SOC SCI 306 1:20p W 6314 SOC SCI 312 : 8:50 F 6101 SOC SCI 314 : 9:55 F 58 BASCOM John Keltz 301 : 3:30p W 6310 SOC SCI 308 : 2:25p W 6310 SOC SCI 316 : 12:05p F 115 INGRAHAM 318 : 1:20p F 6228 SOC SCI Rebecca Lessem 304 : 12:05p W 6224 SOC SCI 310 : 3:30p R 6322 SOC SCI 311 : 8:50 F 6228 SOC SCI 313 : 9:55 F 55 BASCOM Ker Zhang 305 : 1:20p W 6322 SOC SCI 309 : 3:30p R 4322 SOC SCI 315 : 12:05p F 4308 SOC SCI 317 : 1:20p F 6112 SOC SCI
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Binary Choice 1) The study of the determining factors of the inflation rate would be studied primarily in a. Macroeconomics. b.
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firstmidtermspring2006(version1) - Economics 102 First...

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