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exam1 - ME 364 Elementary Heat Transfer Summer 2006...

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ME 364: Elementary Heat Transfer Summer 2006 Examination 1 Time: 75 Minutes Total Points: 25 Open Notes and Homework Only; No Printed and Photocopied Material Allowed 1. (8 points) Steam flowing through a long, thin-walled pipe maintains the pipe wall at a uniform temperature of 500 K. The pipe is covered with an insulation blanket comprised of two different materials, A and B. Refer to the sketch below for the geometric details. The interface between the two materials may be assumed to have an infinite contact resistance, and the entire outer surface is exposed to air for which T = 300 K and a heat transfer coefficient, h = 25 W/m 2 -K. Assume steady state operation. (a) Sketch the thermal circuit of the system. Label using the symbols in the above sketch all pertinent nodes and resistances. Assume unit length for the cylinder. (b) For the prescribed conditions, what is the total heat loss from the pipe? What are the outer surface temperatures T s, 2(A) and T s, 2(B) ?
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2. (12 points) Radioactive waste (k rw
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