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Amrit Gupta 7/22/08 Diels-Alder Reaction Writeup Discussion: During the lab, I observed that there was a distinct color change that took place when the diethyl ether, eucalyptus oil, and maleic anhydride were mixed together. The color of the solution turned from a clear color to a greenish-yellow color. This solution was then used for the lab. The overall product yield was 0.07%. By the end of the lab, only 1 milligram out of the original 1.52 grams remained. There are a few reasons why this product yield could be so low. One reason could be that the glassware that the product was placed in did not get scraped out in a thorough manner before it was vacuum filtered. From what I can recall, it is possible that as much as 0.5 grams of the product was still in this glassware. Therefore, if this was the case, then less of the solid product in crystal form after the vacuum filtration would have been generated. Hence the product yield was lower due to this loss of product. Based on the melting point of the solid product obtained at the end of the lab, the
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