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Discussion Experiment #3 My percent recoveries for the acid, base, and naphthalene were 3.3%, 6.5%, and 4.2% respectively. The original mixture which had all three of these components was a 1:1:1 combination of these compounds. There were many factors that could explain why the percentage recoveries were so low. One explanation is that the methanol: water mixture employed towards the end of the lab was not conducted in the sufficient proportions. Too much of this mixture was used which dissolved much of the napththalene before it crystallized. Another explanation for the low percentage recoveries had to do with how these three components were preserved in the locker. While taking these components out of the locker and placing them on the table surface, a small portion of the acid component accidentally spilled out. Because of this the mass of the acid would be benzoic acid would be less and hence the percentage recovery would be even lower. The melting point of the naphthalene in this lab turned out to be between 80 and 82
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discussion experiment 3 - Discussion Experiment #3 My...

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