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Discussion Section The volume of water that was actually used to dissolve the phthalic acid was 9.9 mL. The calculated volume of water was approximately 6.2 mL. There are a number of possible reasons why the volume of water that was actually used was more than the calculated volume. One explanation could be the following. The value of 6.22 mL for saturation was calculated based on the mass value of 1.12 grams. However, if the actual mass was indeed larger than 1.12 grams, then the volume that would have been required to dissolve the phthalic acid would have been larger. According to the background information on the lab provided to us, the phthalic acid is very soluble in boiling water (18 grams/100 mL). A volume of 9.9 mL at the very most would dissolve 1.78 grams. This is obtained by multiplying 9.9 mL by the solubility of phthalic acid in boiling water. The second part of the lab involved testing the solubility properties of resorcinol and benzoic acid. The results indicated that benzoic acid was soluble in all of the seven
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