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Discussion for Experiment 2 The unknown substance, coded 114S, was identified as being succinimide. The way in which the unknown substance was meant to be identified is as follows. When the unknown substance was added to the three other substances (benzoic acid, succinimide, and trans-silbene), two of the temperature ranges of these substances were supposed to decrease and one substance’s temperature range was supposed to stay the same. In this lab, the temperature range for succinimide stayed approximately the same, the temperature range for benzoic acid increased slightly, and the range for trans-silbene went down. One reason why the temperature range for benzoic acid increased could be due to human error. More specifically, if the conversion of the solid form of benzoic acid to its liquid form was not being looked at carefully enough, then this would skew the melting point range and it would be recorded higher than it actually is. The purity of the cholestrol is indicated by how large the temperature range is. In this lab,
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