Lecture 2- natural selection

Lecture 2- natural selection - Lecture 2 Natural Selection...

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Lecture 2: Natural Selection 2/11/08 There’s no way to pass on information through generations without altering it somehow Typically there are some individuals who are better or worse at passing on DNA Reproductive success = evolutionary success o The individuals who are able to reproduce determine the genotypes of future generation o If only homozygotes reproduce, then eventually all other alleles will disappear o Reproduction is the secret: survival isn’t necessarily key Are genes the only replicators? o Similarity b/t genes and ideas behave o Genes=replicators, passed on, most successful genes most successfully replicated and passed on o Other things that act similarly to genes? o Memes: transmissible ideas Ideas can act similarly to genes Contain information Replicate with imperfect fidelity Memes: transmissible ideas Both replicated but not perfectly As ideas get passed on, the idea gets changed (not perfectly passed on) o Evolve: most successful replicators become most abundant Contrasts between memes and genes Genes Memes Slow replication Rapid replication High copy fidelity Low copy fidelity Universal in organisms Limited to some organisms: only humans can transmit complex memes? Humans have developed more efficient ways of transmitting ideas…but this info still doesn’t have perfect fidelity Imperfect copy fidelity, not as good as in genes Every organism (even things we don’t consider alive like viruses) have genes. .but there’s an argument about memes and the ability of them to transfer ideas Humans have a hobby we all share in common: this makes us different from all other organisms on the planet. What’s good for transmitting ideas is bad for genes…and opposite true Evolution of memes and genes: selection of memes and genes can be at odds
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o Priests are very successful at transmitting ideas: While they’re highly
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Lecture 2- natural selection - Lecture 2 Natural Selection...

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