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Citizen Kane: Bias, Fallacies, Rhetorical Devices, and Arguments “The speech "Charles Foster Kane Campaigns for Governor," is rife with bias, full of fallacies, and uses numerous rhetorical devices, yet comes across as a very convincing argument for Kane as Governor nonetheless! From the beginning the speaker demonstrates a particular bias against the current Governor, Jim Getty’s, by blatantly labeling his rule as 'evil domination'. This term indicates clear bias by the Campaigner, who is equally biased about, but in favor of Kane, depicting him as an ally of the common man. The campaigner bases his argument on his or her own personal preference but states no supporting facts. A theme of the speech which contains the argumentum ad populism fallacy is that Kane is a friend of the common man or lower class. One of the most prominent fallacies is the argument that Kane seems to have already been predetermined to win the Governorship. Since the election has not even begun, this is certainly fallacious, and specifically the
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2008-07-06_115946_Citizen_Kane_Speech_anaylsis-1 - Citizen...

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