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The way Wal - more productive Not only do they have a wide...

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The way Wal-Mart uses business commerce is by using trades to purchase goods. They  purchase goods from other manufactures using cash or credits to get merchandise into their  stores. Then they turn around and accept cash, check, credit or debit for the customer’s  purchases. Bartering was used long ago and is something that Wal-Mart probably does not use.  Consumers now have other ways to pay for the products they need and bartering is not one of  them. They may barter with other stores but not customers. I think that Wal-Mart has gained  popularity by offering a lot of products under one roof. The business occupation that Wal-Mart uses is that they have a wide variety of employees.  While some have a high school diploma or higher education others do not. Wal-Mart offers  many positions for their employees. They also have classes to teach their employees how to be 
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Unformatted text preview: more productive. Not only do they have a wide variety of employees but they also have executives that are with other companies. Since they have these executives in their company that are with other companies, they are able to bring a wider range of merchandise into their stores. The way Wal-Mart does business as an organization is by bringing in people of different varieties to work together and make a great company. They have people in their company that looks out for the prices of their goods and make sure others do not have the same thing at a lower price. They also have people that do their trading with other organizations that are skilled at their job. These people make sure they are getting a fair price and reasonable product before it hits their shelves. Wal-Mart covers their back sides to all aspects of their company....
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