My social status as I see it is that I am a hard working man

My social status as I see it is that I am a hard working...

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My social status as I see it is that I am a hard working man. I currently work for a Private Investigation unit in Winston Salem, NC. This seems to be strange since most of my friends work in factories, for the city government, retail places, and others that I cannot remember. Seeing my friends suffer in factories and retail jobs made me want to reach for a higher position and better myself for me and my family. I am attending school and my friends are working. They decided not to continue their education because they feel that they are content with where they are at this point in their lives. My wife is the only one other than me currently in school. She attends Axia as well. She says that I influenced her to go back to school and take classes for a BA in Business Accounting. The ways that I
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Unformatted text preview: interact at work are by email, phone, driving to locations, spying on people and absorbing all information that my brain and hands can handle to help on a case. The way I interact at school is by online classrooms. We talk in forums and emails. There is no physical contact so it makes it easier with a job such as the one I have. The ways I interact with family and friends are in person or by phone. The ways my social status influenced my views on the world are that if you do not have an education, more than likely you will not succeed in anything. I think we are going into a recession again with the way the economy is and I want to make sure I have my guard up. I do not want my family to suffer in the ways they have in the past....
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