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Unformatted text preview: SOCI 1002: Notes Lecture 4 July 15 th , 2008 Last week:- Social construction of reality = the group- not definite; everyone adding something to the emerging social construction of realilty (autpoiesis)- deriving from contributions of opinions and ideas- the common formation of a general consensus starts- what are the elements of social construction of reality?- Kind of uncertain – consensus uncertain- Through both consensus and lack of consensus – values/norms were expressed – value emphasis- Consensus to speek freely, although not always in agreement- Consensus doesn't have to = agreement; or everyone has the same ideas; an agreement to be different; agree to disagree in a way- Allowed for differences in opinions from the group – to accept differences as part of a whole (Durkheim = this is critically important)- Myths Socialization- Socialization is acquiring knowledge of a society- Learning collective conscience; integration into the group;- Learning all the things that are necessary (list of over 40,000 ideas/actions to be socialized to)...
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