Lecture 8 - SOCI 1002A: Notes Lecture 8 July 31st, 2008...

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SOCI 1002A : Notes Lecture 8 July 31 st , 2008 Note: Final - The apology – Stephen Harper – Aboriginal peoples (residential schools) - Public realm - Today`s presentation – Tribute in Motion – The Cult of Celebrity - Sunday 10 th = all questions emailed to you (pick one you want to do) Presentation: The Cult of Celebrity - Religion - as a cultural so social nominal, in contemporary North America - The Young Lion Photo Session - Jim Morrison (the Doors) - Rolling Stones - 21 years at that time - died at 27 - Young, intelligent, inherent dislike of authority - not baby boomer - no war or great depression - Graduate from UCLA Film School. - Transfered from Florida State - With classmate Francis Copola - Graduated 1965, living with friends - Interested in media, art, and poetry, and song lyrics (moonlight drive) - His music and performances are a reflection of his varied interest - Did not get along with his father; who was an admiral in the Navy - (form of strong male authority) - The Doors = 1965 - By 1966 they were playing local bars - Song, “The End” - 1966 they were signed to 6 record deal - First album - “break on through” - “light my fire” - summer of love - Much drugs (acid) and drinking - 1970-71 Morrison had break down on stage - Few Key Events: - The New Mexico Highway accident, at 7 years old, Jim came across Indians scattered all over the highway - the first time he ever felt fear - formed his association with the lizard king - the diathesis of music - New Haven Conneticut; Miami - Morrison was stopped by cop - a number of run ins with the law - told cops off in concert – and arrested on stage for obscenities - A year later in Miami, Doors playing in Miami
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- Morrison was drunk as usual
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Lecture 8 - SOCI 1002A: Notes Lecture 8 July 31st, 2008...

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