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hmwrk1 - Sean Feliciano April 3rd 2007 Homework#1 2 I think...

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Sean Feliciano April 3rd , 2007 Homework #1 2) I think an average engineer goes over the designs they are working on every day. Once they have checked their designs or finished them. They begin working on the project. They tell the people that are working on the project what to do and are there every step of the way making sure everything gets done according to the engineer’s plans. I also believe along every step of every process the engineer keeps checking to make sure there have been no mistakes made. 3) Until yesterday I was truly not sure. I was thinking of using engineering, and the problem solving abilities that it teaches you, and go into law school. But after our first ME-10 class I am starting to think that the design part of engineering may be where I start working. It seems very intriguing and it seems like it would fit very nicely with me. I also know some where in my career I want to give back to the generations after me and teach in some field at a high school or junior college level.
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