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Project1 - It has been constructed very well and has no...

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Sean Feliciano April 20, 2007 8259285 Project #1 Why I chose this assembly? - I have been using this same style of pencil since about my sophomore year of high school. I never looked at it as anything but a mechanical pencil. I took it apart several times before but never to make drawing of all the different parts. It seemed interesting to me that mechanical pencil was on the list so why not use the writing utensil that has been trustworthy to me for so long. The construction must be good if it has worked so well for me. What the assembly does? - The assembly when constructed well is a great mechanical pencil.
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Unformatted text preview: It has been constructed very well and has no real flaws in it. What did the designer feel was important when the art was being designed?-I think the two things that the designer took into effect while designing this mechanical pencil was its ability to function well with lots of use and over a long time period. And also how sleek it looks. There was great attention to detail in all of the parts making sure the few dollars extra that the consumer would spend on it was well worth their money....
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