ch. 6, HRM

ch. 6, HRM - Human Resource Management Chapter 6 I....

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Unformatted text preview: Human Resource Management Chapter 6 I. Selection Process: Personnel Selection- The process through which organizations make decisions about who will or will not be allowed to join the organization A. Steps: Screening Applications and resumes, Testing and reviewing work samples, Interviewing candidates, Checking references and background, making selection B. Reliability- the extent to which a measurement is from random error C. Validity- The extent to which performance on a measure (such as a test score) is related to what the measure is designed to assess (such as job performance) D. Criterion-Related Validity- Measure of validity based on showing a substantial correlation b/t test score and job performance scores 1. Predictive Validation- research that uses the test scores of all applicants and looks for a relationship b/t the scores and future performance of the applicants who were hired (more difficult but is the best measure of validity 2. Concurrent Validation- Research that consists of administering a test to ppl who currently hold a job then comparing their scores to existing measures of job performance E. Content Validity- Consistency b/t the test items or problems and the kinds of situations or problems that occur on the job (exposes the applicant to problems that are likely to occur in that workplace) F. Construct Validity- Consistency b/t a high score on a test and high level of a...
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ch. 6, HRM - Human Resource Management Chapter 6 I....

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