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Date Performed: Experiment 16 Relative Strengths of Acids and Bases I. Objectives: II. Diagrams/Figures for Special Set-ups: III Outline/Schematic Diagram of Procedure.: 1. Relative Strengths of ACIDS 1.1 To 1M CH 3 COONa in a icro test tube add 4 drops of 6M HCl. Heat the soln very gently and smell the vapor (u know how). Descrie smell & record. What substance could the smell be attributed to? Write chemical eqn (similar to one given in lab manual) for the rxn. 1.2 To 1 mL Na 2 CO 3 in a micro test tube, add 4 drops 6M HOAC. Observe for effervescence. What was released? Write chemical eqn for rxn.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Relative Strengths of BASES 2.1 To 1M NH 4 Cl in an evaporating dish, add 5 drops of 6M NaOH. Attach a small piece of red litmus paper to the underside of a watch glass and place this over the evaporating dish. Record any change in the color of the litmus. Write the chem eqn for rxn. 2.2 Expose a piece of moistened red limus paper over the mouth of a bottle of 15M NH 3 soln. Record any change in the color of the litmus paper. IV. Special Notes: Waste: >used liymus solid waste >salt solns sink, dilute >acide,bases dilute, flush V. Tabulation of Data:...
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