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Date Performed: Experiment 17 Colligative Properties I. Objectives: -observe 2 colligative properties (freezing pt. depression and boiling pt. elevation) II. Diagrams/Figures for Special Set-ups: None for this expt. III Outline/Schematic Diagram of Procedure.: A. Freezing Point Depression 1. Fill 250 mL beaker with ice and then put 5.00 g or rock salt into it. Monitor the temperature of the ice slurry. Observe and record the decrease in temperature until it remains constant. This is the freezing pt of the mixture. Compare it to the normal freezing pt of water. 2. To the ice slurry add another 5.00 g of rock salt soln. Observe and record the decrease in temperature until it remains constant.Compare w/ previous freezing pt
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Unformatted text preview: of the mixture. B. Boiling Pt Elevation 1. Prepare 0.1 molal rock salt soln in a 250 mL beakerby dissolving the appropriate amount of rock salt in 50 mL dH2O. Assume that the composition of rock salt is solely NaCl. Heat the soln and monitor the temperature of the solution. Record the constant temperature at which the solution boils. Notice the increase in the normal boiling pt. of dH2O (Note: Use thermometer with a>100C graduation) 2. Repeat procedure 1 using 0.3 molal rock salt soln instead. IV. Special Notes:-down sink V. Tabulation of Data:...
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