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Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research College of Engineering Industrial Engineering 31 Industrial Organization and Management 1 st Semester AY 2008-2009 1.0 Course Number : IE 31 2.0 Course Name: Industrial Organization and Management 3.0 Course Description: The course discusses the basic principles, concepts, and theories of management. It also discusses the basic features governing the organization, administration and financing of industries. 4.0 Course Credit: 3 units 5.0 Course Outline I. Introduction 1.1 Introduction to the Course 1.2 Introduction to Organizations and Management 1.3 Management Yesterday and Today II. Defining the Manager’s Terrain 2.1 Organizational Culture and the Environment: The Constraints 2.2 Managing in a Global Environment 2.3 Social Responsibility and Managerial Ethics 2.4 Decision Making: The Essence of a Manager’s Job III. Planning 3.1 Foundations of Planning 3.2 Strategic Management 3.3 Planning Tools and Techniques FIRST LONG EXAM IV. Organizing 4.1 Organizational Structure and Design 4.2 Human Resource Management 4.3 Managing Change and Innovation V. Leading 5.1 Foundations of Behavior 5.2 Understanding Groups and Teams 5.3 Motivating Employees 5.4 Leadership VI. Controlling 6.1 Foundations of Control 6.2 Operations Management 6.3 Control Tools and Techniques SECOND LONG EXAM FINAL PROJECT PRESENTATIONS FINAL EXAM
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6.0 Class Policies 6.1 Attendances
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IE31 - Syllabus - Department of Industrial Engineering and...

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