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Poly Sci

Poly Sci - -happily married live in comf home enjoy good...

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Sheet1 Page 1 -History makes us expect tyrony- One person controlling -Luding is Anarchy- living without government, no police, no army, no legal system. -Democracy- the gov. doing what the people want most of the time. This doesn't guarante prosperity, but does promise to do w -The courts are not the entire part of democracy. -There is a debate amongst our main court about letting the court decide what is right and what is wrong. -sclea- justice, would rather have 9 hisorians than 9 ethicists. refering to historians because they are interpreting old documen -A good legal system tells peoplet hat live in this society what they can and cant do, so some tyronys have good legal system b -Gov. services are NEVER free. Can be soemtimes by the particular receiver, but SOMEONE IS paying for it. Nothing is EVER -We have to have alot of people to keep gov. running. -Gov. cant ensure a happy marriage, but they can make you live in a comfortable home (electric/water/etc shut off cuz they co n -Burocracy: american, french, costa rican, mexicans, and indian familys want
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Unformatted text preview: -happily married, live in comf. home, enjoy good health, worship as wants(1st amendment), have steady work for livable pay, r e-The countries above come close to dem. norm-The US Constitution and bill of rights, state constitution, state laws, local country-city ordances, approved by a majority, internal consis-Purposes of law (ahceive justice????)-impose will of majority, maintain an orderly society, protect those with disabilities, protect individuals from harm by others.-In a democracy, most parties a nd politicians want services to be provided effectively and most agree that Gov. should provid e Kerry and Bush agree at about the %90 level on what gov should be doing, neither would take away security. Know that politi c-Dems. vote for minimum wages and cons. agree with that but want to cut tax for wealthy people.-A society that has stability, is one of the pre-conditions for increasing prosperity.-Brazilians had a military gov system and it worked...
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