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poly sci final

poly sci final - 1 President Bush recently chose to head...

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1. President Bush recently chose ______ to head the investigation of the World Trade Center. A. Ponce de Leon B. Clark Gabble C. Robert E. Lee D. Henry Kissinger 2. As a residence of this congressional district, your congressmen is A. Ramsey Clark B. Clark Kent C. Lee Meiweather D. Oscar Arias E . Chet Edwards 3. As results of last elections, the Republicans have majority in US A. House B. Senate C. D. neither 4. The newest department of our federal gov’t is A. State B. Education C. Health D. Homeland Security 5. Where is Usama bin Laden? A. Cancun B. Aspen C. dead in Afghanistan D. Pakistan E. Who knows ? 6. Individual most prominently mentioned as planning the World Trade is A. Arrafat B. ben Laden C. Kadaffi D. Saladin E. Saddam 7. Pres. Bush preferred vacation retreat is in A. Kenny bunkport B. Yacht C. Crawford D. Camp David E. London 8. Current Bush Attorney General is A. Kennedy B. Ashcroft C. Meese E. Reno 9. If we are to believe the pres next year our boys (soldiers) are likely to be fighting & dicing in A. Cuba B. Yennan C. Somalia D. Syria E. Iraq 10. One of the clearest of most powerful statements in our constitution “No money shall be drawn from the Treasury but in consequence of appropriations made my law” is found in ____. This clause stopped American participation in the war in Vietnam. A. Art 1 B. Art 2 C. 9 th Am. D. 14 th Am 11. The last chapter of your text proposes concurrent service in government. To achieve this, Article________ would have to be changed by amendment. A. 1 B.2 C. 3 D. 4 12. To find our constitution the current procedures for the selection of a new president, read ___ A. art 1 B. art 2 C. 12 th AM D. 14 th Am E. 20 th AM 13. The membership of the NRA is most concerned about the interpretation of the ____ Am. a. first b. second c. third d. fourth e. fifth 14. the current minimum voting age in this nation is specified in _________ Am. a. art 1 b. 11 th c. 20 th d. 26 th 15. The term “equal protection of the laws” appears only once in our constitution, in the ___ Am.
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a. 14 th b. 16 th c. 18 th d. 20 th e. 22 16. the term “due process of law” appears in _____ am. a. 10 th b. 12 th c. 14 th d. 16 th e. 18 th 17. the term “due process of law” appears I ___ am. a. 4 th b. 1 st c. 5 th d. 3 rd e. 9 th 18. What amendment would protect you from the police searching your house w/ a warrant? a. 4 th b. none c. 6 th d. 5 th e. 3 rd 19. Which am protects us against censorship of press by the gov’t? a. 1 st b. 2 c. none of these d. 4 th e. 3 20. Which am in the bill of rights abolishes slavery? a. 9 th b. 12 c. 10 d. 11 e. 13 21. Which am in b of r forbids gov’t from compelling a person from testifying against self? a. 4
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poly sci final - 1 President Bush recently chose to head...

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